Thursday, September 23, 2010

Childbirth Preparation Class This Saturday

We know how challenging and overwhelming labor can be. Childbirth education is extremely important to help calm those fears.

Join us for a full childbirth education class in a nurturing, private environment.

Your body knows how to give birth and your baby knows how to be born, but that doesn't mean expectant couples don't have questions! Come join other expectant parents to gain the knowledge and confidence you will need to meet the challenges of labor. We'll prepare you for the big day, from how to write a birth plan to informing you of your choices surrounding your baby's birth.

A full childbirth preparation series, we'll discuss everything from the stages of labor, to comfort measures, to what to pack. Couples are encouraged to bring a pillow and a birth or exercise ball (if needed, instructor will have one available).

- SEPT 25 - OCT 16 - NOV 16 - DEC 4
- Given by Christina Duff, CD(DONA)
- $200 per couple
- Limited to 5 couples
- 10:30-4:30, with plenty of opportunities for breaks

Private Classes Available, call Nurture for details. Click here to register.

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  1. Love your blog here. I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.