Monday, May 18, 2009

Threads of Hope

Check out these adorable dresses we just got in! You may be surprised to find out that these are not the latest designer duds fresh off the kiddie clothes runways. These clothes were not made in a factory, and there is no designer name sewn into the garment. These dresses were actually made in Ecuador by someone in economic need, perhaps a widow, or an orphan, or a fellow mom trying to provide for her children. These dresses were provided to Nurture through a nonprofit organization called Threads of Hope.  Threads of Hope is a mission that provides sewing machines and garment construction skills to economically challenged individuals in poor countries. Through Threads of Hope, these individuals are able to achieve an improved standard of living, work at home opportunities, practical skills, English language development, and improved self-esteem.

The dresses range from $60-$120, and 90% of the proceeds go to the Threads of Hope organization. Why not buy one of these adorable dresses for a special little girl in your life? Your purchase may help another woman or little girl live a better life.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I just found this website that tests and rates all kinds of products like food, baby care products, toys, etc. and lists any harmful chemicals in the product.  It seems pretty legit.

Here's their blurb from the site: 

  • What chemicals are in your baby shampoo?
  • Was sweatshop labor used to make your t-shirt?
  • What products are the best, and what products should you avoid?

GoodGuide provides the world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.

With GoodGuide, you can:

  • Find safe, healthy and green products that protect you and your family
  • Search or browse over 70,000 food, toys, personal care, & household products to see what’s really beneath the label
  • Use expert advice and recommendations on products to quickly learn the impacts of what you buy
  • Find better products and make purchasing decisions based on what’s important to you
  • Create a personalized favorites list with the products that are right for you and your family
I hope you find this helpful!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We are so excited about our new blog!  Lets start off by giving you a little background info.  Nurture opened it's doors a little over one year ago.  The whole idea for this store began when an overwhelmed pregnant woman found herself lost and helpless in the isles of a baby superstore (you know the one).  Fast forward to seven years later and this once pregnant woman now has two babies, a little girl, and a store that carries everything you need for your baby in an intimate setting where moms can feel comfortable asking questions.   

Today you no longer have to wander aimlessly down the aisles of a baby superstore.  At Nurture, our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you with every decision.  We have hand picked the best baby items out there and we stand by what we sell, because we're moms too.

 Now we want to pass on our wealth of knowledge to all of you.  Since we are in the business of baby products, we have to keep up with the latest and greatest safety information, product recalls and baby trends.  We often receive inquiries from local mothers who want to know "what's the best stroller out there?" or "how do you properly install a car seat?"  Well we have answers and we want to share them!  So if you have a question please leave a comment and we will be happy to give you an answer, and if we don't know, we'll find out!

 We at Nurture also believe in community.  We host a variety of classes and events in our store, as well as work with several charitable organizations.  We will be sure to keep you posted on all of our happenings so that you can get involved!  

 In short, our blog may look a little empty at the moment, but stay tuned because we will be posting great information weekly.

 I hope you enjoy our blog and our store.  Please feel free to let us know what you think.