Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Baby Wearing Workshop, This Saturday!

There are many reasons to wear your baby in a baby-carrier. Do you have a fussy baby? Well studies show that the more babies are held, the less they cry. Does your baby have an older sibling? You may need a baby-carrier so your hands can be free to push your older child on the swings, or chase him around the park. Do you want to loose that last bit of pregnancy weight? Well, carrying your baby is not only good for baby, it's good for you too! The added weight of the baby while you are walking can turn an ordinary stroll into a muscle toning work out. Are your arms just tired and you need a free hand? Whatever your reason, if you would like to find the best baby carrier for you and learn more about baby wearing then come to our Baby Wearing Workshop this Saturday, May 8th, 10-11:15am.

Topics will include:
  • The many benefits of baby-wearing
  • How a sling can make your life easier (especially if you have more than one child)
  • The best baby-carrier for you
  • How to figure out these sometimes confusing and intimidating contraptions!
At the workshop you will be able to:
  • Try on different carriers
  • Talk to a seasoned "expert"
  • Become more confident with baby-wearing
  • Bring your own carrier and get help
This workshop will be given by Katie Culver, Ph.D. This workshop is FREE so grab your Mommy friends and come on down!

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