Saturday, April 17, 2010

From No to Yes!

Why is the word "no" so much easier to say than "yes?" Most toddlers learn to say a defiant "no" much sooner then a sweet pleasing "yes." And it seems "no" quickly becomes a favorite word. If your child has entered the "no" phase, or just isn't the sweet, angelic child of your dreams, you may benefit from our next seminar.

This Saturday we are proud to offer "From No to Yes!" a seminar on managing challenging behaviors in your toddler and preschooler. This one day workshop is a must for all parents! While parenting can be the most rewarding experience, it can also frustrate and challenge like nothing else! Dealing with whining, tantrums and refusal to cooperate is an inevitable challenge of parenthood. This workshop will provide strategies to create an environment that will foster positive behavior in your children and teach tools for managing those challenging behaviors when they arise.

Topics will include:
  • Structure, consistency and predictability: flexibility within structure ("picking your battles")
  • Getting the "most bang for your buck": creating a positive environment (catch your child "being good")
  • Effective commands
  • Managing challenging behaviors
  • Being a detective: understanding triggers and consequences
  • The are of ignoring
  • Making the most of "time out"
  • "Time out" vs. "take a break" ("cool down")
  • Reward charts/loss of privileges
  • Choosing your strategy
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviors in public
Questions and participation from parents attending this workshop are welcomed and encouraged. Resources will be provided. The workshop fee is $20 per person and preregistration is required due to limited space. To register please call the store or visit our website.

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