Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beaba Babycook

Just in this week! We now sell the Beaba Babycook!

Making your own baby food will not only save you money, but more importantly it will ensure that your child eats fresh, nutritious food, free of additives. Thanks to the Babycook, making your own baby food has never been easier.

Simply fill the reservoir with the measured amount of water.

Place diced fruits, vegetables or meat in the steaming basket (in this example we are making sweet potatoes).

Place the steaming basket into the carafe, secure the lid, lock it into place and turn the knob to steam. An orange light will appear. When the light goes out, your steaming is complete.

Remove the steaming basket with the spatula. Dump some of the water left in the carafe out, leave the rest and place the steamed food back into the carafe.

Turn the knob to puree and puree your food to your desired consistency.

Once your done preparing your baby food, you can store it in ice trays. Each cube is one serving. We recommend purchasing these baby food trays, the cover makes them spill proof and stackable, and they are BP-A and phthalate-free.

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