Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Newborn babies have a hard time getting used to the new world they have been thrown into. Experts say the best thing we can do for our fussy newborns is to try to mimic the womb. With the Prince Lionheart washpod you can provide that cozy womb atmosphere while giving your baby a bath.

The washpod offers warmth, comfort and safety for infants. It is designed to hold your baby snugly, like when they were in the womb. Your baby will be well supported and comfortable, and because your baby is upright, it's easier to wash them.

Because the washpod is upright it is easy to store and it uses less water than a flat baby bath tub. Which makes this product not only baby friendly, but earth friendly too!

Here is a review of the washpod (click on the review to make it larger).

The washpod is for infants 0-6 months. It is available at our store for $24.99.

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