Friday, June 12, 2009

Speed Sitter Event-RECAP

We have had a whirlwind week here at Nurture. As you know, we let Premier Sitter Services host a speed sitter event at our store on Wednesday night. On Monday we received a call from NBC saying they wanted to do a news story on the event. We were thrilled, but there was one problem, we were not expecting a huge turnout so we needed to work quickly on getting more people to the event. After some emails, phone calls, and reducing the price to FREE, we ended up with 6 parents and 8 babysitters, not a bad turnout, we breathed a small sigh of relief.

On Wednesday we received another call from NBC, they wanted to send a crew out that afternoon to interview a mom attending the event. Since the event did not start until 7 we had to scramble to find a mom who was attending the event and available to come to the store at 3:30 for an interview. We made a few calls and finally found a Mom who could do it. At 3:00pm we had everything ready for our big TV debut and our Mom was on her way. Then we got another call from NBC, a tragic shooting had happened at the Holocaust Museum and they would not be able to make it to our store for the interview, however they still planned on showing up for the event. We called our Mom who was on her way and told her to turn around.

At 7pm our parents and babysitters were in their seats ready to meet each other. The event went well. The parents each got a folder with 14 sitter resumes, complete with their references and availability, and got to meet with 8 of the 14 sitters on the spot. After the speed interviews were over everyone was able to do a little discounted shopping and mingle. At around 8:30pm we still had no sign of a camera crew. We soon found out that the crew was almost at the store, when they were told to turn around and get to the scene of a horrible car crash in Philadelphia,

So our little speed sitter event turned out to be not so newsworthy when compared to the tragic breaking news that was happening on Wednesday. We were very saddened to hear of these two events, and our hearts go out to the victims in these stories. We of course understand that these stories needed to have news coverage over our own. We just think it’s funny that we spent three days going bonkers over a camera crew that never made it! Oh well, it was entertaining to say the least, and we ended up having a fabulous event, so it was worth it.

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