Sunday, May 17, 2009


I just found this website that tests and rates all kinds of products like food, baby care products, toys, etc. and lists any harmful chemicals in the product.  It seems pretty legit.

Here's their blurb from the site: 

  • What chemicals are in your baby shampoo?
  • Was sweatshop labor used to make your t-shirt?
  • What products are the best, and what products should you avoid?

GoodGuide provides the world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.

With GoodGuide, you can:

  • Find safe, healthy and green products that protect you and your family
  • Search or browse over 70,000 food, toys, personal care, & household products to see what’s really beneath the label
  • Use expert advice and recommendations on products to quickly learn the impacts of what you buy
  • Find better products and make purchasing decisions based on what’s important to you
  • Create a personalized favorites list with the products that are right for you and your family
I hope you find this helpful!


  1. Thanks! Just decided to get Burt's Bees sunscreen for my kids based on this website.

  2. Thanks for your post about GoodGuide! Our aim is to help you and moms everywhere make safer, greener product choices. And we love to get feedback on what you find, so please send us any questions or comments. We can also be found on Twitter. Follow @GoodGuide, and send us your ideas or shocking revelations. Thanks again!
    --Jodie, GoodGuide